Sinus Surgery Video

Sinus Surgery Video Transcript

This is a video presentation on endoscopic sinus surgery.

Here we see a nasal polyp arising from the ethmoid sinus. This is associated with nasal obstruction, reduced sense of smell and clear nasal mucus.

This CT scan is from a patient with chronic infective sinusitis associated with blockage, headache between the eyes and defensive nasal discharge. When sinusitis doesn’t settle, simple treatments such as spray or tablets, endoscopic sinus surgery is likely to be helpful.

The first step is uncinectomy where a fine flap of bone and muscosa is removed to provide a view into the maxillary or cheek sinus. This will allow any disease within the maxillary sinus to be evacuated and provides a cruicial landmark to guide the following steps of surgery.

The next step is ethmoidectomy.

Fragments of bone may be removed with fine forceps. An abnormal mucosa or polyp evacuated with the powered endoscopic micro divider.

Once the roof of the ethmoid is identified it is possible to follow this landmark forward to get a wide opening of the sinus cavity.

Post operative nasal endoscopy shows a well exteriorised and healthy sinus cavity corresponding to a dramatic improvement of symptoms.

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