How can my hearing be assessed?

We assess adults’ hearing using three different tests:

  • Pure tone Audiometry
    • This test involves tones presented at a range of frequencies to each ear individually under head phones.
    • The client responds by pressing the button when they hear a sound, even if it is extremely soft.
    • The Audiologist records the softest sound that is consistently responded to at each frequency ( the “hearing thresholds”).
    • Hearing thresholds are measured at a range of frequencies that make up speech sounds.
    • Normal pure tone thresholds are at 20dB HL of better.
  • Speech Testing
    • If you have  hearing difficulties, speech testing is also performed.
    • This may include listening to single words under headphones or listening to sentences while noise is playing simultaneously.
    • Speech testing gives an idea how well you may respond to the use of a hearing aid.
  • Middle ear and Eustachian tube function testing
    • Tympanometry is a test that will indicate whether there is a problem with how the eardrum is functioning.
    • The test is done simply by placing a small probe in the ear canal while the probe delivers a soft buzzing noise and a puff of air into the ear canal to test the response of the eardrum.
    • An abnormal result is seen if there is a hole in the eardrum, or fluid in the middle ear

How long will it take to assess my hearing?

  • 30 minutes is allocated for each standard hearing test.
  • If you have normal hearing it may take less than the allotted time.
  • If you feel you need to be assessed for hearing aids, please let our reception staff know as they will need to book a longer appointment (normally 75 minutes).

I have been having external Ear Canal infections, do I need a hearing test?

  • If there has been wax or discharge in the ear canal you should see your GP or ENT Specialist prior to having a hearing test.
  • There is a chance that hearing will return to normal after clearing the wax of infection from the external ear, in which case a hearing test will not be necessary.

Where can I have my hearing tested in the Inner West, or close to the city centre of Sydney?

  • Annandale Audiology and Hearing Aids is in in Annandale, minutes away from central Sydney and close to Glebe, Balmain, Leichhardt, Haberfield, Lilyfield and Rozelle.
  • It is very accessible by public transport, and there is ample unlimited parking just outside the practice

I keep getting offers for free hearing tests in the mail or over the phone. Should I have one performed?

  • It is sometimes interesting to know where your hearing is at, but if you are not worried about your hearing function in day to day life, a hearing test is unlikely to change anything.
  • It is only worth having this kind of screening test if you think that you might be interested in a hearing aid if the test confirms significant hearing loss.

I have heard it is possible to test my hearing online. How do I do this?