Graham Hall, Annandale

In recent years, while still able to hear voices, I have found it increasingly hard to make out all the words- especially those of women and children. Tinnitus was also a problem.

A year ago, the friendly and professional staff at Annandale Audiology fitted me with barely visible, very comfortable and amazingly effective hearing aids, precisely adjusted for my pattern of hearing loss. The tinnitus is gone and I can hear people, especially my grandchildren, almost perfectly. Life is so much better.

Danny S, 71 years old, Annandale

I investigated hearing services in 2012 when I was in my 60’s and noticed difficulties with hearing. I compiled a list of several services which were convenient to where I lived and chose Annandale Audiology because it is closest to me. At my initial consultation with an audiologist I was assessed for hearing problems and recommended two different brands of hearing aids to choose from. I chose a hearing aid from a company which has a good reputation for precision equipment. The audiologist took care of all issues to do with Government paperwork and funding (as I am an aged pensioner). These hearing aids were initially tuned to my individual hearing and have recently been readjusted to changes in my hearing.

I have interacted with the entire staff at Annandale Audiology: the audiologist, reception staff and affiliated ENT surgeon. All staff have been friendly and easy to deal with and I have felt fully supported as a client. I have continued to use the service of Annandale Audiology because of the professionalism, friendly service and customer support I have received from all the staff.

Darren, 50 yrs, Senior Finance Manager, Annandale.

For a time, I knew I was experiencing some hearing loss, especially in situations involving soft, higher pitched voices, crowded rooms, television with background music etc. I also suffer with tinnitus which can at times be quite annoying and impedes hearing. I found in particular circumstances hearing loss can be quite isolating.

I eventually got tired of asking people to repeat themselves and spoke to my Doctor who referred me to Annandale Audiology, where Dr Edward Smith confirmed I had a high frequency hearing loss and the Audiologist, Rebecca, assisted me with my hearing aids. I chose a totally discrete model that fits entirely in the ear canal, and they did take some getting used to. Rebecca was empathetic and patient, adjusting the shape and fine tuning the sound over a short initial period.

In the past two years I have had to have my hearing aids adjusted and repaired, and I have always found Rebecca and the other staff at Annandale Audiology, courteous and obliging.

Mr Norman Nicholls, 82 years old, Photographer, Annandale.

Over the last few years I have attended Annandale Audiology for the purpose of hearing assessment and have been supplied with a hearing aid as part of the aged pension program. I have also received follow-up service for this aid.

I am very appreciative of the high standard of service that I have received at Annandale Audiology, particularly that given by Rebecca Higham. It has been professional at all times and I would like to especially note that Rebecca has the ability to make her clients feel comfortable and at ease, which is not always the case with the hearing impaired.

Louise Webeck (daughter to a client), Designer, Brooklyn

What, can’t hear me? Well, count your blessings that Rebecca is in the world.

I have been taking my mum to see Rebecca at Annandale Audiology for some years now. She is always patient, respectful and great at explaining things. What particularly resonates with me is that she is all about solutions.

We couldn’t possibly recommend Rebecca more highly.























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